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Compliance Made Clear

Privity: A Different Approach to Compliance

Privity believes that the IT security industry has become accustomed to providing clients with impersonal off-the-shelf solutions to security requirements which are in fact as unique as the companies requiring them. Information security is a constantly evolving industry with the technical requirements for vendors as diverse and continually progressing as the products and services they sell as well as the customers and methods used to purchase them.

Privity offers a different approach to persistent information security evolution: we design tailored security solutions to the custom requirements of your company and your industry. And we stand by those solutions.

Privity believes in and puts into practice client security advocacy: creating lasting partnerships with clients by providing credible interpretation of regulation. We know from experience that Privity and its clients benefit from clear and effective solutions to complex problems that empower a company rather than the implementation of security solutions that breed further confusion. Privity will partner with you to design true comprehensive security solutions that ensure your company avoids the damage of breaches that, beyond financial losses and potential legal action, can create distrust, and cause reputational damage that can be difficult to repair.

Privity believes your security is our security and your reputation is our reputation: this is what we mean by being your security advocates. We have a vested interest in your success; your triumph is ours as well. Privity deals exclusively with information security, privacy, IT risk management, resiliency, and IT compliance initiatives. Privity provides our clients with practical answers, giving them the confidence of complete compliance clarity. We know that our clients built their businesses from the ground up and this is how we build your custom security solutions.

This is the Privity philosophy: Compliance Made Clear.