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7 Step Process

Privity is committed to helping your organization meet its compliance obligations. This seven-step overview outlines the methodology we use to achieve compliance quickly and cost-effectively. The steps are independent of one another and are contingent on your needs. They can be combined as desired, providing that the Scoping phase is re-done prior to commencing additional steps.

STEP 1: Obligations

During this phase, we would clarify what your compliance obligations are to your acquirer, initiate the appropriate program, help you estimate preliminary budgets, and obtain executive buy-in and the appropriate management support. As your PCI program develops, Privity can offer client advocacy services, such as arbitration and facilitating mediation on specific areas of concern or resolve disagreements between you and other QSAs and the Acquirer.

If you are using Service Providers and need help registering them with Visa, managing them in general or doing your due diligence when selecting them, we can help.