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Client Advocacy and Arbitration

Sometimes assessors can appear unreasonable – sometimes their interests may not align with yours and you may end up at an impasse. If you feel as though the assessor is being difficult or refuses to work with you on any of the issues, a second opinion is critical to your protection. This is where Privity and its complete commitment to PCI advocacy can become your most trusted ally.

Privity offers arbitration services pertaining to PCI DSS compliance, where we take an objective approach to the issue at hand, investigate the situation, and provide our recommended findings. In many situations this is sufficient for the client to continue with the assessment, however occasionally the original assessor may still not agree with the findings. In these situations, Privity can provide client advocacy services to defend the merchant against the unreasonable QSA to client’s acquirer(s). This ensures the customer is appropriately represented and prepared for any challenges encountered.