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7 Step Process

Privity is committed to helping your organization meet its compliance obligations. This seven-step overview outlines the methodology we use to achieve compliance quickly and cost-effectively. The steps are independent of one another and are contingent on your needs. They can be combined as desired, providing that the Scoping phase is re-done prior to commencing additional steps.

STEP 5: Remediation

Once your company has been scoped, assessed, and its network has been segmented accordingly, you may find there are likely still some remediation activities required. These can take the form of technology deployments (such as deployments and configurations of firewalls, IPS/IDS, WAF, FIMS, and SIEMs), process outsourcing, tokenization and automation.

Privity will create custom security product and services packages to help your company with all of these elements, as well as help you find alternative points of contact and companies specialized in the type of remediation efforts your organization needs, or liaison with suitable vendors for technology purchases and implementations.