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7 Step Process

Privity is committed to helping your organization meet its compliance obligations. This seven-step overview outlines the methodology we use to achieve compliance quickly and cost-effectively. The steps are independent of one another and are contingent on your needs. They can be combined as desired, providing that the Scoping phase is re-done prior to commencing additional steps.

STEP 6: Formal Assessments

Similar to the Assessments phase, Privity will conduct an in depth analysis and a formal, final assessment of your environment defined within the Scoping phase. This will serve to validate that the segmentation and remediation efforts were successful and determine their impact on your overall compliance.

Either a Report on Compliance or a Self-Assessment Questionnaire would be prepared, or alternatively ratified if you have done the latter yourself. Please bear in mind that at this time, as per Visa requirements, a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) is required for this validation regardless of the reporting being produced.